GlenX Career Expo

For All High School Students from Aspen to Parachute

Welcome to GlenX Career Expos

"Let's provide our next generation a promise of a brighter future!"

The career expo was founded on the belief that every high school student needs more opportunities to learn about viable career options and continuing education they will need, whether it involves college, trade/vocational school, certification, career tech training, internships/apprenticeships, etc.

Our Mission

To build a stronger, more vibrant community by connecting students to resources that will stimulate their awareness of opportunities and enable them to fulfill their career aspirations for a successful future. 


  • Expose High School students to a variety of careers
  • Present an opportunity for students to explore career ideas and interests with businesses
  • Businesses share career opportunities and internships directly with students
  • Professionals share their career experiencies and passions


Learn about different career paths you are interested in and explore potential career opportunities.  Come with your resumes in hand.


Showcase and fill career and internship opportunities that are available in your organization. 


Share your experiences with the next generation who may have interests in your career and carrying on the legacy of your industry.

Career Expos for 2018

Fall (10.24.18)

For New Castle to Parachute High School Students

Spring (3.7.19)

For Aspen to Glenwood Springs High School Students

GlenX Career Expo Spring 2018 Highlights Video:

GlenX Career Talks and Expo Videos on

Career Expo Details


Expo Attendees Spring 2018 (pdf)


Expo Attendees Fall 2017 (pdf)


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GlenX Career Expos are brought to you by the GlenX organization, in partnership with Aspen Community Foundation's Cradle to Career Initiative.   GlenX is a subsidiary of Social Bridge 501c3 charitable organization.  We thank you for your support.


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Carbondale, CO  81623